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Joe Johnson has a 500-square foot shoe closet

Joe johnson shoes

Here is Atlanta Hawks guard Joe Johnson speaking to Stacey Pressman of ESPN the Magazine on his huge shoe collection and the massive closet it lives in:

“I wanted to display all of my shoes, so I had this 500-square-foot closet made. I just thought this would be a cool idea, and it would almost look like a museum. I had a fingerprint sensor put on the door to make sure I’m the only one who can get in here.

I mostly wear Air Jordans. All of the Jordan guys are selected by Michael Jordan himself. It’s kind of hard to tell MJ no. I have 436 pairs of sneakers in here, and they’re mostly unworn. I’ll wear all of them eventually.”

And, here’s Johnson on some of his jewelry:“I bought this chain 10 years ago when I was 20. It’s probably worth at least $150,000 now. It reminds me of the decisions I made when

I was younger. I still like the chain and still wear it sometimes, but it’s not a purchase I would make today.”

Posted by Inside Hoops

9.17.2011 11:54
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