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Reggie Miller thinks Bird would've beaten him in 3-point contest

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Reggie Miller may have been brash and confident as a player, but the former Indiana Pacer has no problem giving credit to his predecessors.

Serving as a guest host for "The Dan Patrick Show" on Tuesday, Miller asked listeners who would win in a 3-point contest at 27 years old: him or Larry Bird. While a poll on the show's website revealed a near split between voters, Miller surprisingly chose to pick his old coach in the hypothetical competition.

"He makes some unbelievable shots and threes against us," Miller said, according to The Indianapolis Star's Phil Friend. "Obviously, I was a young lad when they beat us in five games in the 1991 playoffs, but I've seen him make some unbelievable shots. You talk about confidence and cocky like Lilly King, the mold was done by Larry Legend."

Bird, who was a guest on the show, agreed that while he would've won as a 27-year-old, Miller would've prevailed if he had Bird's phenomenal coaching at his disposal.

"Here's how I'll put it, Reggie," Bird stated. "If you were my teammate in the pros, I would win, hands down. If I have the opportunity to coach you, I'd say you win."

Although Bird won more 3-point contests, Miller's career numbers are clearly superior. The former Pacers sharpshooter ranks second all time in 3-pointers made (Bird isn't in the top 50), and shot a higher percentage from deep (39.5 to 37.6) compared to the Boston Celtics legend.

Source : The Score
8.11.2016 13:17
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