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Celtic Olympians trivia quiz

cousy bird

If one wishes to try the harder All-Star edition of the quiz, try to answer the questions without looking at the multiple choice offerings; extra points only apply as possible if the correct answer to the original question is given first.

Layup-Which Celtic legend led Team USA to the gold medal in the 1956 Summer Olympics?*where was it held

A) Bob Cousy B) Bill Russell

Dunk-In what year did Larry Bird play for the Original Dream Team in the Olympics, winning gold easily?*what country did they beat in the gold medal game

A) 1992 B) 1996

Reverse layup-The starting backcourt for the 1976 Celtic NBA champions also played together on which gold medal-winning Team USA squad?*name both guards

A) 1968 B) 1972

Free throw-Which college and pro teammate of Bill Russell also won gold with him in the 1956 Olympics?

A) KC Jones B) Mike Farmer C) Bill Sharman

Free throw-What guard on the 1984 Celtic champions also won Olympic gold in 1976, as well as a national title that year for an undefeated Indiana squad?

A) Bobby Wilkerson B) Steve Alford C) Quinn Buckner

Jumper-Which of the following future Celtics was NOT a member of Team USA when they won gold in 2000?

A) Shaquille O'Neal B) Kevin Garnett C) Ray Allen    D) Vin Baker

Jumper-What future Celtic center won gold with Team USA at the 1984 Olympics?

A) Kevin McHale B) Joe Kleine C) Eric Montross    D) Jon Koncak

Jump shot-What jersey number did Larry Bird wear as a US Olympian?

A) 1 B) 7 C) 13 D) 33

Jump shot-Which Celtic great was an alternate on the 1960 US Olympic team?

A) Sam Jones B) John Havlicek C) Tom Sanders D) Frank Ramsey

Hook shot-What backup on the 1969 NBA champion Celtics was a gold medal winner for the United States in the 1964 Olympics?

A) Larry Siegfried B) Em Bryant C) Don Nelson    D) Jim Barnes

Jump shot-What Celtic averaged 11.7 points per game for the 1968 Olympic gold medalists from America? *name the leading scorer

A) Charlie Scott B) Jo Jo White C) Don Nelson D) Dave Cowens

Jumper-What future Celtic big man, after topping the nation in scoring and winning the NCAA title, led Team USA in scoring (13.9 ppg) as they won the 1952 Olympic tournament?*name the school he led to the national title

A) Bill Russell B) Clyde Lovellette    C) Ed Macauley D) Mel Counts

3-pointer-What Celtic center scored 6.6 ppg for the 1964 American team that struck gold at Tokyo?*what college did he attend

A) Clyde Lovellette B) Hank Finkel C) Dave Cowens D) Mel Counts E) Jim Ard

3-pointer-How many points did Larry Bird score in his final game, the 1992 Olympic gold medal contest?

A) 0 B) 3 C) 5 D) 7 E) 10

3-pointer-Which Celtic starred on the 1948 US gold medal team, becoming the first black cager for America in the Olympics?*what college did he play for

A) Cliff Barker B) Chuck Cooper C) Don Barksdale    D) Bill Russell E) Earl Lloyd

38 points is the highest possible score.


Layup-B) Bill Russell led team USA to gold at the 1956 Olympics in *Melbourne, Australia. The Olympics were held later that summer/fall, so Russell missed a good portion of his rookie season with Boston.

Dunk- A) Bird was part of the original Dream Team in 1992. The U.S. beat *Croatia, led by Drazen Petrovic, Toni Kukoc and future Celtic Dino Radja, in the gold medal game 117-85.

Reverse layup-A) Guards *JoJo White and *Charlie Scott of the 1976 champion Celtics also teamed up to help America win gold in 1968 at Mexico City.

Free throw-A) K.C. Jones won two titles with his college roommate Russell at San Francisco, struck gold at the Olympics and grabbed eight more crowns with the Celtics from 1959-66.

Free throw-C) Quinn Buckner led Indiana to an undefeated NCAA title in 1976, then helped America win gold at the '76 Olympics in Montreal. Eight years later he was a member of the 1984 champion Celtics.

Jump shot-A) Shaq was on the 1996 Team USA squad, but not in 2000.

Jump shot-B) Joe Kleine, a star center at Arkansas after transferring from Notre Dame, was a backup center on the 1984 Olympic champs. He then was a Celtic from 1989-93 after the controversial trade with Sacramento for Danny Ainge.

Jump shot-B) Larry Bird wore number 7 for Team USA. Jordan wore 9 and Johnson 15.

Jump shot-B) John Havlicek, coming off a sophomore season where he won an NCAA title at Ohio State with Olympian Jerry Lucas, was an alternate on the 1960 squad.

Hook shot-D) Jim "Bad News " Barnes, not to be confused with another Celtic a decade later from Providence, Marvin "Bad News" Barnes.

Jump shot-B) Future Celtic great JoJo White was the second-leading scorer behind previously unheralded *Spencer Haywood.

Jump shot-B) Hook-shooting Terre Haute, Indiana native center Clyde Lovellette carried *Kansas to the 1952 NCAA title (along with a backup guard named Dean Smith) after leading the nation in scoring. He then led Team USA to the gold before starring with the Lakers and Hawks, where he lost two Finals to Boston in 1960 and 1961.

He ended his career as a backup to Russell on the 1963 and 1964 champion Celtics.

3-pointer-D) Good-shooting Mel Counts was a Celtic backup center after leading *Oregon State to the 1963 Final Four. He later had two stints with the Lakers, losing to Boston in the 1968 and 1969 Finals.

The seventh overall pick in the 1964 draft by Boston, he won two rings with the Celtics in 1965 and 1966. Reacquired by the Lakers after a few years with Phoenix and the 76ers, he also lost in the 1973 Finals to New York, then finished up in 1976 after two seasons with the expansion New Orleans Jazz.

3-pointer-A) 0. Bird went scoreless in his last game and took just one shot. He averaged 8.4 ppg in the Olympic tournament, scoring a team-high of 19 points vs. Germany in preliminary pool play.

3-pointer-C) Don Barksdale, a *UCLA All-American, scored 7.7 ppg for Team USA in the 1948 Olympics, third-best on the squad. He was the first black US hoop Olympian and one of the first black NBA players.

Scoring scale

38=50 Greatest Players List

36-37=1st ballot Hall of Famer

32-35=Retired Celtic jersey number, Hall of Famer

28-31=Celtic All-Star

25-27=Celtic starter

22-24=Celtic sixth man

19-21=Celtic second stringer

16-18=11th man

13-15=12th man

9-12=3-man sliding roster

5-8=D leaguer

1-4=D league reserve

0=1st day cut

Source : celticsblog
9.22.2016 14:36
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